How Pear Works

Get sponsored by big name brands to earn funds for your group, team or organization. Best of all it’s free!

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Set up a home for your group on Pear. Upload a photo, tell us your story, and sign up for a Pear account to get started.

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A group page makes it easy to match you with sponsors and to fundraise throughout the year.

Not ready to set up your group yet? Support another group to see how it works.

Get Sponsored

Select from available sponsorships on your group page

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New sponsors are added all the time for groups of all types and ages. We will notify you whenever a new sponsorship is available.

Invite Members & Supporters

Share your group’s unique link with all your members, friends and family via email, text or Facebook.

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Use the organizer tools to manage your members and supporters, and to notify them when your group starts a new sponsorship.

Engage With Your Sponsor(s)

Complete simple online tasks, like watching a video, to earn money from your sponsor(s). The more people who join in, the more you earn!

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Each sponsorship lasts 10 days. Every task is optional and earns funds toward your group when completed.

Redeem Your Award

At the end of the sponsorship, your group keeps whatever it earns. Simply claim and use your award.

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Choose your group’s sponsorship award type, either custom apparel or a direct donation (for registered nonprofits).

Real User Reviews

Some of Our Proud Sponsors

For our sponsors, Pear is a new way for brands to connect and support community groups of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about Pear’s marketing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do my supporters have to pay or donate money?

    No! They just have to spend 5 minutes completing the tasks on your rally page. You are not asking them for a single cent at any time.
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    Can we have multiple sponsors?

    Sort of! You can participate in multiple sponsorships on our site, as long as the sponsorships are affiliated with different brands. For example, if you participate in our CustomInk sponsorship, you are not able to participate in it again. However, if you also qualify for our Verizon sponsorship, you are allowed to participate in it since Verizon is a different brand than CustomInk.
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    Who can support my Pear?

    Anyone is welcome to join in on your Pear, not just group/team members! Friends in Mississippi, family in California are all good to go.