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Finlandia Curling Club is paid for by the students themselves, and by sponsors. We have been invited to the past 2 USA College Curling Nationals and are looking to head back again this year. Please support our curlers who already dig deep into their own pockets...

Thank you. God Bless.

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Supporter posts

Ruth Almén

You know you want to do it for Soren! C'mon Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp staff alumni!

07/31/2014 · Gwinn, MI

Liz Grenke leach

Soren does a remarkable job with this group. Please click and support. It is super easy.

07/31/2014 · Hancock, MI

Cassie Jelinek

A free way to help them score points!

07/29/2014 · Two Rivers, WI

Jordan Dalgord

Help Finlandia Curling Club.......It's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07/25/2014 · Hancock, MI

Leigh Schmidt

Sign up and you support their efforts to carry Finlandia and the Upper Peninsula to national competition once again. Curling is a great sport for our cold climate and for these students an important outlet that allows them to showcase the outstanding young men and women we have in the UP.

07/24/2014 · Escanaba, MI

Aggie Pietila

Help them earn by just showing your support! :)

07/23/2014 · Hancock, MI

Cheryl Pekuri wright

Small things can lead to big changes....


Eli Pekuri

Hey people. Good cause for free.

07/23/2014 · Laramie, WY





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